Actuated Grains


Actuated Grains in the ATLAS Black Box Theater

Thanks to my fellow performers, Ryan Ruehlen, Julie Rooney and Mark McCoin!


This one was probably the most ridiculous set up I’ve ever used. 8 channels of audio, each channel was not a speaker but a tactile transducer attached to another instrument. Set up with 4 in the middle of the theater and 4 more in the far corners. We had live instruments which were recorded into a Max/MSP patch and then each performer had an iOS device running a custom OSC mixer to record new samples and to fade these samples to the different channels.

The “speakers” were: a violin, dobro, acoustic bass, cymbal, tam-tam, bass drum, feedback lap-steel



Miking the back of the tam tam, notice the transducer attached. FYI, this makes freaky cool sounds


program from the show… Mark McCoin’s New Directions in Digital Art


the “score”… I got to draw a C clef!


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