Listening Lamp

A work in progress for Co(i)nspire at Dairy Arts Center jif - 4.jpg


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Undulater(s) is a series of noise fields (Perlin noise) produced with Processing and laser cut and etched into paper and paperboard. These were originally produced for the Calculated Mediations show at the Canyon Gallery in the Boulder Public Library. The noise fields are addressed and stretched in a variety of ways.


Undulater(s) - Calculated Mediations


Some of the digital files used for laser cutting:


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SolidNoise @ Guthman Musical Instrument Competition

Solidnoise performance at the annual Guthman Musical Instrument Competition.

img_0782 img_0787

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beatBox is a light controlled mechanical drum machine. You play it by casting shadows over a series of light sensors. This feeds into an algorithmic drum beat that triggers small motors to tap on different objects inside the box. Two sliders allow control over the tempo and the swing feel of the drum machine by delaying every other beat.

The pattern on top, which surrounds the light sensitive resistors, is laser etched from visuals created using code in Processing.

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Calculated Mediations

Calculated Mediations was a show I curated at the Boulder Public Library Canyon Gallery in Spring 2016. The featured a wide range of new approaches to making. Calculated Mediations featured fixed, dynamic and interactive media and represented diverse approaches to making including  3D printing, circuit bending, resin, computation, and interactive technologies like sensors and motors.


Mark Banzhoff, Matt Bethancourt, Jenny Filipetti, Dylan Gebbia-Richards, Abhishek Narula, Daniel Rankin and myself.

In addition to the gallery show there were a series of workshops on related techniques taught by some of the artists.

more details and photos on the facebook event page:


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Solarophone is an interactive sound art installation. It was installed at the Boulder Public Library from March – June 2016.


solarophone-daisychain solarophone1 solarophone2 img_0815 dsc_3904 img_0904 img_0744 dsc_3747 dsc_3752 dsc_3753 dsc_3774 img_0900 img_0724 img_0851 img_0894 img_0895

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The SolidNoise Ensemble




SolidNoise in the ATLAS Black Box Theater – interactive hands-on installation time

SolidNoise is a robotic music ensemble that explores new techniques to make music by triggering a variety of motors to produce sound by physically striking, shaking, tapping or blowing on different physical objects, including the architecture of the space itself.

Here is a video tour of the original event in Fall 2015:

I recently performed with the SolidNoise at the Guthman Musical Instrument Competition at Georgia Tech, here’s a short clip from that:

The SolidNoise Ensemble:

DSC_3474 DSC_3401 DSC_3391 DSC_3393 DSC_3418 DSC_3397

These instruments were created using new hardware and software designs that allow controlling motors with MIDI messages

.IMG_3330 IMG_3356

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