My work focuses on interactive and playful experiences ranging from multimedia interactive sculptures and exhibits, to custom musical instruments and interfaces, and product prototyping. I aim to create systems that allow the performer to create and control media in new ways, whether they are a professional musician or visitor to an interactive exhibit.

I collaborate with artists, event coordinators and exhibit designers to develop custom experiences.


Music and Sound

I design musical instrument and interactive sound installations. I have presented at them at international conferences, in musical performances and  in public spaces.

Interaction Design

I can help create bespoke interfaces from handheld, tangible interfaces to room and environmental sensors. This is about imagining and designing how people with interact with a system.

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 12.34.41 PM

Solarophone – Boulder Public Library


Modern electronics enable new ways of sensing people and environment and participating in them.

Hardware Design

Central to interaction design implementation is custom embedded systems and electronics. Custom circuit board design allows designs to be replicated with efficiently and consistently.


MusicBots 5x – MIDI controlled motor driver board

Software Design

Implementing the hardware is just one part of it, with embedded systems, at some point the computer will take over (that sounds ominous). I have extensive experience designing and building software in  C/C++, Java, Javascript. I have experience with mobile apps, interactive web, and applications for desktop.


I teach creative technology design, including hardware, software and physical computing at the ATLAS Institute. I also teach camps and workshops on interaction design, music and art robots, musical instrument design, electronics, sound design, and more.


To find out if I can help you on your project, get in touch.


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