I am an interaction designer, educator, and artist with a focus on play, music, algorithmic (computer) creativity.  I make musical instruments and interactive sculptures. I have also created toolkits to support others to create digital musical instruments and musical robots.


I worked as an electrical engineer for 7 years before I realized I needed more music and more technology design! I got a MA in Music, Science and Technology at Stanford. I completed my PhD at CU’s ATLAS Institute in 2016.

My Ph.D. dissertation explored The Development and Use of Scaffolded Design Tools for Interactive Music. The results of that work include two toolkits for designing digital musical instruments and MIDI controlled musical robots, more info at modular-muse.com.  I have used these tools in workshops, performances and installations.


I have experience teaching undergraduate and graduate level courses and workshops for children through adults on topics including creative coding, sound and music, interaction design, electronics, and aesthetics of design. I believe in a constructionist educational approach with a focus on “learning by doing”, sharing, and critiquing.


I create new instruments for musical expression and interactive installations that can be played. My installations blur the lines between audience and performer, and creation and creator by allowing the visitor to become a performer.


Music is where it all started for me. My active bands right now: Chunky and The Hop Pickers


email me: jifferh@gmail.com

call: 720-839-4916