playin_sI am a creative technologist and educator with a focus on creative coding, electronics, interactivity and digital fabrication.  I have a background in electrical engineering, music technology, and interactive art. I am interested in exploring emerging creative mediums enabled by programming, interactivity and digital fabrication. My creative work includes installations, instruments, performance, and visual art.

I have taught undergraduate and graduate level courses and given workshops for children through adults on topics including creative coding, sound and music, physical computing, and aesthetics of design. I believe in a constructionist educational approach with a focus on “learning by doing”, sharing, and critiquing.

My Ph.D. dissertation explored The Development and Use of Scaffolded Design Tools for Interactive Music. This work grew out of my experience designing and teaching with the available tools and techniques. The results of that work include two toolkits for designing digital musical instruments and MIDI controlled musical robots, more info at modular-muse.com.  I have used these tools in a series of workshops, performances and installations.

I am especially interested in the blurring line between the digital and physical enabled by interactive technologies, and digital fabrication tools. My creative work utilizes generative algorithms to control sound and to create visuals and explores points of creative collaboration between people and computers.


get in touch:  jifferh [at] gmail


Here are some older projects from my time at Stanford